Jumat, 10 Januari 2014

Here we like to offer the tools of Alnindo Electronics, electronics equipment in the form as below :

1) Radio Communication : Handy Talkie ( HT ), RIG, HF – SSB ,REPEATER etc.

2) RADIO MARINE : Radio Communication for ship / GMDSS
It’s brand include : ICOM,YAESU,ALINCO etc.

3) RADAR NAVIGATION : Monitor marine eqiepment / MARINE BAND
It’s brand include : FURUNO,KODEN etc.

4) RADIO AVIATION : Radio Communication for Airplane / AIR BAND
It’s brand include : ICOM,YAESU,ALINCO etc.

5) GPS SYSTEM : Determinant Tool Position , Compass, Measuring Height / SURVEYING INSTRUMENT
It’s brand include : GARMIN and MAGELAN

6) DESIGN SYSTEM : Design Tools Electronics Match Requirement / INSTRUMENT
Through the appropriate research.

7) SERVICE ELECTRONICS :Make improvements to the tools electronics above.
Electronic repair a warranty and guaranteed quality of original spare parts.

8) ANTENNA SYSTEM :Monitoring signal receive and transmit waves.
In adition to above we also serve Brands Antenna manufacture as needed.

9) TOWER ANTENNA : Receive Manufacture triangle tower type and CNS accordance with the height and material
Specification you want to use.
We offer the best price for the product above, official 1 year warranty , and in adition to the product above. We also have Several others brands.

untuk info lebih lanjut bisa hubungi kami (Alnindo) :
021-5694 2888 / 021-625 0008
021-5696 8763
021-5696 8845
021-6088 0088

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